We’re on a mission to make the world a more welcoming, informed, and FUN place to talk about sexuality and relationships. 

Pink Clitoris





Started in 2016 as a collaborative street art initiative, Clitorosity aims to spark public conversations about sexuality and relationships while providing resources for people to learn more.

Blue Clitoris

We believe the full clitoris anatomy should be common knowledge. We have learned this often inspires deeper conversations, 'if we don't know half the world's anatomy, what else aren't we talking about related t our bodies and sexuality?' We celebrate all bodies and hope to spark curiosity in people to learn more.

Yellow Clitoris




To us, the magic of Clitorosity is sharing a diversity of perspectives and stories from people all over the world. From collaborative street art to workshops to sexual wellness resources, we offer products and and experiences that foster a dialogue spanning cultures, languages and generations.

Purple Clitoris 

Welcome to the celebration.