We’re on a mission to make the world a more welcoming, informed, and FUN place to talk about sex.

Pink Clitoris





We launched Clitorosity in 2016 to create a more inclusive and informed conversation about sex and pleasure. We celebrate the clitoris and hope to spark curiosity in people to learn more about their bodies and pathways to pleasure.

Blue Clitoris

We believe the full clitoris anatomy, both the internal and external parts, should be common knowledge.

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To us, the magic of Clitorosity is sharing a diversity of perspectives of what the clitoris and talking about it means. Half of the world has clitorises, after all. We are fostering a dialogue about sex spanning cultures and languages.

Purple Clitoris

From collaborative street art to workshops to sexual health resources, we offer products and experiences that inform and celebrate the clitoris.

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Welcome to the clitoris celebration.